Handstand, bronze
photo by WR

Hey Robert,
Just a quick hello to tell you how pleased I am with my bronze. I’ve loved living with it these last few days.
I find I enjoy moving it around and placing it in different locations. It’s really alive and versatile in ways that framed work is not.
Again, many thanks to you for getting the project accomplished in time for me to purchase a piece.
Warm regards, WR

Just to let you know that I was looking at my picture this a.m. It was beautiful, the newly risen sun was shining along the trackway,seeming to light boles of the trees. A moment just caught! Miss MHS

Hi Robert,
Just a quick line to thank you for inviting my daughter and I to your studio. As you are aware my daughter is an art student gearing up to study Fine Art at university. The visit has been hugely motivating for her and inspired her with a new confidence to say that she does actually expect to make a living from being an artist!Very best wishes. Paula L

Mike Hotel, pastel
Marjorie’s glider

Robert is a brilliant artist, has a great sense of the outdoors and skies. He has produced on commission, a portrait of my glider set in a very realistic sky that really works. He has the ability to produce amazing pictures. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future. Marjorie H

Robert has produced a wonderful picture for us,that will take pride of place in our home. The picture is of a glider in a British sky and drew such comments from an audience of glider pilots as “pictures of aeroplanes are difficult – he’s got this one right” and ” that sky looks just how it can in the Uk”. He works mainly in pastels, an unusual medium for this kind of picture, but it works just as well in this picture as it does with his portraits and landscapes. Thank you Robert! Mike K (then Marjorie’s partner, now her husband)

Bug Counters – Churning
acrylic on canvas

Wow – who would have thought that such a mundane, leg aching activity could look so good!!! Gwyn M, commenting on Bug Counters – Churning

There were lots a great comments from customers over the past couple of days when we had your finished pieces in the workshop, they really are beautiful. Alison M at Bespoke Framing