From London and Oxford, take the M40. At junction 4, take the A404 exit to High Wycombe/Marlow>
From Marlow, follow A404 to the M40

  • At the roundabout, exit onto Marlow Hill/A404
  • At the bottom of the hill, at the mini-roundabouts, go left twice, take exit by Staples, Queen Alexandra Rd
  • Continue onto Suffield Rd, past the hospital
  • Turn right onto Desborough Ave
  • At the double roundabout, go left onto Desborough Rd
  • Follow the road left onto Green St
  • Where Green St goes right, tturn left onto Leigh St (gravel road).
  • Turn immediatly right, drive up the slope, and turn left into the car park.

My studio and Block A are at the far end of the car-park, up a short flight of steps.
Inside the building, go up the stairs, or take the lift to the first floor. Go through the double doors oppisite the top of the stairs – you are there!